Monday, March 17, 2014

40 Days of Renewal: Mind

Our focus this week is on renewing of the mind. Whereas renewing our strength is restorative, renewing our minds is transformative. Romans 12:2 tels us that the renewing of the mind takes us from conforming to the world into an overall transformation that allows us to understand the will of God.

Renewing our minds allows us to change our way of thinking, thereby changing our way of living, and most importantly, renewing our minds changes us. We become new creations when we take that first step towards Christ, and continually renewing our minds is a mental refresh that brings our lives back into focus and perspective. 

I often think of renewing the mind as being similar to refreshing a browser page. When you refresh a page, new information that has been posted since you opened the page is now shown, and updates or changes that have been installed since the page was first opened are now implemented. Refreshing ensures that webpages display accurate information and protects the entire device against threats. Similarly, renewing our minds gives us a fresh outlook, and keeps us sharp and guarded against evil.
So this week, let us practice the continual renewal of the mind through prayer and reading God's word. I pray that as you refresh your mind, the transformation which ensues propels towards doing the good and perfect will of God.

Be blessed and shine with a renewed mind!

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