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#OneWord365 Umbrella
7 Snippets of Encouragement for Young Christians
26 Bits
        Biweekly Bits #1: Attitude is Everything
        Biweekly Bits #2: Everyone Won't Like You
        Biweekly Bits #3: On Getting Lost...
        Biweekly Bits #4: Outgrowing Things is Okay
        Biweekly Bits #5: No Choices
        Biweekly Bits #6: Respect Your Elders
        Biweekly Bits #7: Life Lessons from Salmonburgers
        Biweekly Bits #8: Intentions vs Behavior
        Biweekly Bits #9: Excellence
        Biweekly Bits #10: Everyone Expects 100%
        Biweekly Bits #11: Patience is a Practice
        Biweekly Bits #12: Things Taken Away
        Biweekly Bits #13: Be Thankful
        Biweekly Bits #14: A Pair of Shoes?
        Biweekly Bits #15: You Never Know
        Biweekly Bits #16: Dare to be Different
        Biweekly Bits #17: Timing is Important
        Biweekly Bits #18: Wilderness & Growth
        Biweekly Bits #19: Don't Miss the Message
        Biweekly Bits #20: Sometimes, you have to say no
        Biweekly Bits #21: Let Your Grain Die
        Biweekly Bits #22: Tell Others how much You Appreciate Them
        Biweekly Bits #23: Speaking the Truth, Graciously
        Biweekly Bits #24: Encourage Others
        Biweekly Bits #25: Pick Your Battles
        Biweekly Bits #26: Always a New Lesson to Learn
27 Verses
40 Days of Renewal: A Lenten Series
        40 Days of Renewal: Strength
        40 Days of Renewal: Mind
        40 Days of Renewal: Spirit
        40 Days of Renewal: Identity
        40 Days of Renewal: Creation
A Lesson in Testimony
And He will be Called...
Anticipating Christ
       The First Candle: Anticipating Hope
       The Second Candle: Anticipating Love
       The Third Candle: Anticipating Joy
       The Fourth Candle: Anticipating Peace
Becoming My Mother
The Bronze Basin
Characteristics of the Blessed (Part 1)
Characteristics of the Blessed (Part 2)
Chasing God
The Church: Moral Voice or Hospital?
Covering Up
Discontent is a Deadly Murmur
Encouragement in Doubt (Guest post)
Faith to Obey, or, Worship on a Promise
First Miracle
For Such a Time as This
For Your Glory
God's Creation
God's Professional Laundry Service
The Greatest for the Least
He Restores my Soul
Heart Intentions
Heart's Desires
The Journey Deeper
Indy: A Next 'Nother New Place Again
Life Happens and Seasons Change
Living in the Moment
Love, Faith & Faithfulness
Mourning Jesus
The Nine Other Lepers
Not About that Life
Number 100!
Offerings are Messy!
One Word 365
OneWord365, the 2016 Edition
Parallel Relationship
Promise or Present?
Season of Worship
Seven Ways to Pray for your Heart
       Seven Ways to Pray: 1. Delight
       Seven Ways to Pray: 2. Desires
       Seven Ways to Pray: 3. Dependence
       Seven Ways to Pray: 4. Discernment
       Seven Ways to Pray: 5. Desperation
       Seven Ways to Pray: 6. Discipline
       Seven Ways to Pray: 7. Diligence
Stretch out your Hand!
The Struggle against Complacency
Such as I Have
The Surety of Obedience
Taken out of Context
Through His Eyes
True Truth, Pure Heart
Where my trust is without borders...
Written on His Palms


    Compass Study Bible
    Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot
    The Mended Heart
    Soul Keeping

Hymn-ful Sundays

   Come Let us Use the Grace Divine
   Blessed Assurance
   My God, I am Thine
   In Christ Alone
   Draw me Nearer
   Tell me the Stories of Jesus
   It Passeth Knowledge
   O, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
   There is a Fountain filled with Blood
   40 Days and 40 Nights
   What a Friend we have in Jesus
   As the Deer
   He Lifted Me
   I Cannot Tell
   Children of Jerusalem
   Hallelujah! What a Savior!
   In the Garden
   It is Well
   All Praise to our Redeeming Lord
   To God be the Glory
   And Can it Be
   Love Lifted Me
   A Charge to Keep I have
   O Thou Who Camest from Above
   Great is Thy Faithfulness
   My Faith Looks up to Thee
   Trust and Obey
   Now Thank we all our God
   Look and Live
   We Have an Anchor
   Take My Hand Precious Lord
   How Deep the Father's Love for us
   Here I am, Lord
   Jesus Friend of Little Children
   O Worship the King
   O the Bitter Shame and Sorrow
   All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name
   In the Cross
   O Happy Day!
   Jesus Calls us o'er the tumult
   We Plough the Fields and Scatter
   O Come, O Come Emmanuel
   Come Thou Long-expected Jesus
   Love Came Down at Christmas
   Joy to the World!
   Come and Join the Celebration

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