Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hymn-ful Sundays! "Jesus, Friend of Little Children"

This week's hymn is best known as a children's hymn. It was written by Walter Mathams, a British chaplain, in the late 19th century.

Jesus, Friend of little children,
Be a friend to me;
Take my hand, and ever keep me
Close to Thee.

Teach me how to grow in goodness,
Daily as I grow;
Thou hast been a child, and surely
Thou dost know.

Step by step O lead me onward,
Upward into youth;
Wiser, stronger, still becoming
In Thy truth.

Never leave me, nor forsake me;
Ever be my friend;
For I need Thee, from life’s dawning
To its end.

Walter J Mathams

What an awesome example of what it means to have childlike faith! To take Jesus' hand so that you may stay close to him, to look to Him for guidance in growth every day and over time. And yet, even as we grow with Jesus, we know that we will always need this Friend, in every stage of life.

Be blessed and shine with Jesus!

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