Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: Epic Grace

Almost a year ago I came across the blog of Kurt Bubna, a pastor on the West Coast who'd just written his first book. If you look to the right, you'll see it's actually highlighted as one of my fave blogs. So when the kindle version went on sale late last year, I bought it (#gradstudentbudget). And I read it. And I really enjoyed it.

Kurt's book is called Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot (published by Tyndale, available for purchase here). It was really the name that caught my interest. I think I may have actually laughed out loud when I first saw it: a recovering idiot? But the title of this autobiographical book about grace fits. Kurt tells us his story of how God's grace has kept him through all the immature, stupid and silly things that he has done throughout his life. And somehow, he manages to make the story of an older man relate to and resonate with this young woman. From Epic Grace it's clear: God's grace covers all, and is for all.

Here's a favorite quote:
"Our value as human beings created in the image of God has absolutely nothing to do with our success or lack of success. God loves us and values us because of who we are and because of who he is. With God, it is not about what. It's all about who."
Kurt shows us, using the example of his own life, that even though we are followers of Christ, we still make mistakes. He reminds us however, that because of who we are in Christ, and because of who God is, God is always willing to be gracious to us. Kurt tells us of the many times where he drifted, walked, or even ran away from God, but there was still enough grace remaining for when he returned.

And in-between all the anecdotes from his life, and the people from his life that he introduces us to, Kurt also dispenses some serious wisdom about the Christian walk, about life, about forgiveness, and comparison, and brokenness, and growth, and most of all, about how God's love and epic grace carries us through it all.
"Remember this: God will use whatever means necessary to bring ongoing spiritual development into our lives. He really is far more concerned with our growth than he is with our comfort."
 So...if you're looking for a great story about an ordinary man, read Epic Grace!

Be blessed and shine epically!

Disclaimer: I'm doing this thing called the Epic Grace 2nd wave promotion. However, I wasn't required to write a review for it, I just did because I really enjoyed this book.

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P.S. I realized after I scheduled it, that this review will post on Kurt Bubna's birthday! What are the odds?! You should wish him happy birthday on twitter (@kurtbubna), and/or check out the book here!


  1. Thank you so much for this very kind review. Humbled. Honored. Blessed. You are loved!

    1. You're welcome! It was well-deserved! Happy birthday!! =)


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