Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Written on His Palms

When I was little, and I wanted to remember something I'd write it in the palm of my hand. I wouldn't write just anything there, after all, space was limited. But if it was something really important to me and I wanted to recall it later, like a friend's phone number, or a drawing, or a tiny bit of information, I'd write it there. Not on a scrap of paper, lest I should lose it, but written onto my hand itself, as a momentary part of me. That way, when I looked at my hand and saw it there, I'd be reminded of this important snippet and my focus would be on it immediately.

Isaiah 49:16 says that that's what it's like for God with us. He has written us on the palms of His hands. We are important to Him. He will not forget us. While we rush around, storing things in our phones or on our tablets or computers, where they aren't necessarily at the forefront of our minds, we are still written on His palms, a part of Him. We are never far from His mind.

How do we respond to a God who keeps us so near to Him?

Set me as a seal over your heart; wear me as an emblem on your arm
For love is as strong as death, and jealousy is as relentless as the grave.
Love flares up like a blazing fire, a very ardent flame.
-Song 8:6 

We set Him as a seal over our hearts, as a seal upon our arms (Song 8:6). We tattoo God himself over us, branding ourselves as His, for God's love is a strong as death, and His jealousy as relentless as the grave. We are written on His palms, and we should emblazon Him on our hearts.

Be blessed and shine like a blazing fire!


A person finds joy in giving an apt reply—
and how good is a timely word! -Prov 15:23