Thursday, January 16, 2014

Through His Eyes

We often forget (or perhaps, don't realize) that God doesn't see us the way we see ourselves. What we see, in the mirror, in our lives, is but a blurred snippet of a much larger picture, a much greater story. God not only see that entire story, He writes it! So many times, God may call us by a name that we don't recognize, because we haven't gotten to those pages in our own story yet.

This is what Gideon experienced. Gideon was the "least in his family" and his clan was the weakest in his entire tribe (Judges 6:15). But the angel of the Lord appeared to him, greeting him as a mighty warrior, sent to save Israel from Midianite oppression. Gideon was doubtful. This strange man was telling him that the Lord was with them, when they were in the midst of being severely oppressed by another nation. And then, to top it all, the man was saying that he, Gideon, the least of the least, was a mighty warrior, being commissioned to deliver Israel! What?!

Anyone in Gideon's shoes would have been skeptical. Anyone in Gideon's shoes, like Gideon himself, wouldn't be seeing the rest of the story. 

When God calls us in this way, by names that we think don't apply to us, be it mother, pastor, leader, president, mighty warrior, we glimpse a bit of the story through His eyes. God is telling us, "You were called to do more, to be more. You will not always be who you are now. I am sending you out there for My glory."

Through His eyes, it is all for His glory. When we become the impossible, or attain the seemingly unattainable, it is by the grace of God alone, to the glory of God alone.

What is is the angel of the Lord calling you? What is the voice of God whispering to you? If it seems impossible or unrealistic, remember that the completed story of you looks entirely different through His eyes.

How did Gideon's story play out? He and 300 (yes, three hundred) men defeated over 100,000 Midianite warriors, freeing Israel from Midian's hold.

Be blessed and shine with new eyes!


  1. Ahhh Shanique I definitely needed this encouragement! Its like you hit the nail on the head. Sometimes I get so apprehensive and worried about all that God has called me to do and forget that He has already equipped me with all the necessary tools I need!

    1. Yessss! I so glad that you were encouraged by this!

  2. God sees inside of us and what He seeks is not the same as what the world sees as the most valuable thing. He chooses us because He sees that we are the right people for the job. Through me His glory will be even brighter.

    1. Amen! Life looks very different through His eyes!

  3. All for His glory, Blessings! :)


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