Sunday, November 02, 2014

Hymn-ful Sundays! In the Cross

This week's hymn is another one by Fanny Crosby! I've featured a few of her hymns before, much earlier this year. Fanny Crosby was a blind hymnwriter from the nineteenth century. Called one of the most prolific hymnwriters ever, Fanny wrote over 8000 hymns.

Jesus, keep me near the cross, 
There a precious fountain 
Free to all, a healing stream 
Flows from Calvary’s mountain. 

 In the cross, in the cross, 
Be my glory ever; 
Till my raptured soul shall find 
Rest beyond the river. 

Near the cross, a trembling soul, 
Love and mercy found me; 
There the bright and morning star 
Sheds its beams around me. 

Near the cross! O Lamb of God, 
Bring its scenes before me; 
Help me walk from day to day, 
With its shadows o’er me. 

Near the cross I’ll watch and wait 
Hoping, trusting ever, 
Till I reach the golden strand, 
Just beyond the river.
Fanny Jane Crosby

I'm constantly amazed at the visual imagery that Crosby speaks of in her hymns, particularly given her blindness practically from birth. This hymn reminds us of what was done for us at the cross, and reminds us to keep Jesus, and the gift that He is to us ever close to mind and in our hearts. In the cross is life, freedom and healing that is freely available to all who come.

Be blessed and shine with a heart near the cross!

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