Thursday, August 21, 2014

Biweekly Bits #15: You Never Know...

After writing 26 bits, I realized that there is so much I could elaborate on with each of my bits. So I decided to turn them into a biweekly (i.e. fortnightly) series, for the next year.

You never know who is praying for you. As a teenager, I was involved in a dance ministry at my church, a part of which was a combined group with dancers from other churches. Every year we'd have a little awards ceremony. One year, the leaders gave out tokens of appreciation for the adults who had prayed for us over the year. Many of the people who got up to receive these little gifts I had never seen before in my life, but because I was a member of the dance ministry, they were praying for me! How awesome is that?! You just never know who's interceding on your behalf, lifting you up in prayer.

Every week at my church we have prayer cards which members write, which are then read aloud to the congregation. Sometimes the prayers are for some members of the church praying for others within the church, but oftentimes they are for people who are not present. In fact, many times I have heard people offer prayer requests for friends and coworkers and loved ones who may never know that this person is praying for them.

But that is part of the beauty of prayer: to intercede on behalf of another, petitioning God on their behalf. And as much as we may pray (or neglect to pray) for others in our lives, many times there are people who are praying on our behalf. As a PK (preacher's kid), it is so interesting to return home for the holidays and have people that I don't know come up and talk to me conversationally, because they have been praying for my family for so long, it is like we are friends. It is such a blessing to know that others are lifting me up in prayer, and my life has been blessed through the prayers of others.

So I guess my challenge to you is to pray for someone else. It can be someone close to you, or someone you don't know well, or at all. But take some time to lift up another in prayer, to talk to God on their behalf, either with them as they lift up their own prayers, or for them if they do not know Him. And you don't necessarily have to tell them that you have been praying for them. (Of course, you should if you have been led to.)

Be a blessing to someone else by earnestly and unselfishly praying for them, praying for God's will (not what you think God's will should be) in their life. After all, you never know who has been praying for you!

Be blessed and pray for someone!

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