Thursday, May 22, 2014

He Restores my Soul

Recently these words from Psalm 23 have been on repeat in my mind. I hadn't even read the psalm recently, when the words started to play in my head. They just popped in there one day, over and over: "He restores my soul. He restores my soul. He restores my soul." 

Perhaps the reason for me hearing these words was because my soul needed to be restored. It was a high-stress time of year of me, and I was tired and frustrated. Yet somehow, just hearing those words from Psalm 23 was calming, comforting. They were a gentle breeze blowing across the dry plains of my soul.

He restores my soul.

What does that even mean?

A few weeks ago I finished reading John Ortberg's most recent book called Soul Keeping. (I reviewed it here if you want to read about it.) One of the points he made was that the soul needs to be with God. In reflecting on "He restores my soul" in that context, I got greater clarity. Yes, my soul needs to be with God, because He is its source. If my soul were an electronic device, God would be both its battery and its charger. 

My soul is restored as I spend time with God, and as I make that my focus.

And how is my soul restored? How is my soul "with God"?

  • It is revived through reading God's word
  • It is replenished in reflecting on God's word after I have read it
  • It is rejuvenated through communication with God through prayer
  • It is re-energized by moments spent worshiping God
This is where my restoration happens. These are the ways that my soul fulfills its need to be with God. This is how He restores my soul.

This restoration is two-fold, it is both active and passive. Passively, just being in the presence of God is refreshing and replenishing to my tired and world-weary soul. Actively, seeking after the presence of God, seeking His face, provides the restoration that my soul needs to continue on this journey of life.

He restores my soul tells me that I don't have the strength to sustain myself throughout this life, and that I don't have to. He restores my soul because I am dependent on Him as my source. He restores my soul, for He is strong where I am weak, and His strength is made perfect in my weakness. He restores my soul as I walk with Him, so that I am encouraged to continue walking with Him.

Yes, my soul needs to be with God, for He restores my soul.

Be blessed and shine as God restores your soul!

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