Monday, March 31, 2014

40 Days of Renewal: Identity

Renewing identity itself is a must in our process of renewal. As we have been made new creatures in Christ, we put off the old self and its desires, and become new. The renewal of our identity is for a totally different view of who we are. This renewal gives us new purpose, as we receive this new identity through our lives in Christ.

But why include this renewing of identity in our forty days of renewal?

While we are, at the point of our salvation made new, as we still war with our fallenness and corruptible flesh (Romans 7:14-24), and the pull of the world around us, we are in need of a reminder of who we are and whose we are. Each time we seek to renew this God-derived identity, we are growing in our knowledge of Christ and moving closer and closer to the image of our creator. Renewal of identity gives us a chance to grow and expand as we learn who we are, or rather, who we became when we chose this new life with Christ.

We can look at renewal of our identity as a deeper step into our forty days of renewal. Each week, we have been moving further into the core of humanity as it is in Christ, taking full advantage of the power of God to renew in our lives. We have moved from renewal of the body in our focus on renewing our strength, to the renewal of the mind, and then the spirit, and now this week, the renewal of our very beings, of who we are.

Let us look to Christ, who is all and is in all (Col 3:11), and the source of our renewed identity. My prayer is that as we continue growing into our new self, putting off that which is old, we are indeed being renewed in what we know, aligning that knowledge with our very Creator.

Be blessed and shine in your new identity!

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  1. I just fell upon your blog from Cherrie Amore's and I absolutely love what I'm seeing! This post is so insightful and a great reminder to renew your identity daily! Love it!! Thank you for sharing =)


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Lessy!! And yes, renewing our identity is a must! Otherwise, we tend to forget who we are, and whose we are.


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