Monday, August 05, 2013

Seven Ways to Pray for Your Heart

I came across this article on called Seven Ways to Pray for Your Heart. In the article, Jon Bloom (@Bloom_Jon), the writer, shared seven words that he focused on in prayer. He suggested choosing one word per day, or per week to focus on. I thought this was a cool way to focus in prayer for a short time, so a couple of friends and I decided to do this together. Over the next seven weeks, as we focus on each of the following seven words, I will also write a post on the word of the week.

The seven words are:
1. delight
2. desires
7. diligence 
(click the word to read the post!)

If you're interested in doing this, here's a challenge for each week! You can do any or all of these things.
  • Pray every day using that word as your focus.
  • Read & meditate on scriptures that have to do with the theme of the week. 
  • Write a journal entry/reflection (or blog post!) on the theme of the week.
  • Choose a song to listen to that reminds you of that week's theme.
  • Pray for someone else (it can be general, or very specific), using that word as your focus.
Feel free to share any thoughts that you have in the comments below! (Or you can comment on each individual post too.)

Be blessed and shine with your whole heart!

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