Tuesday, January 01, 2013

God's Creation

We like to think that the creation is about the formation of the Earth and of mankind, when the creation is in fact, all about God. God created, God said, God saw, God called, God made, God setGod blessed, God gave. And it was so. And it was good. In establishing the world, God demonstrated his ultimate sovereignty: He was before the beginning; He created light out of darkness; He formed out of formlessness; He made something out of nothing.

Before mankind was created, God provided. He built up the anticipation of our formation while furnishing our lives: He created light, land, plants, animals. He told the living creatures to be fruitful and multiply, giving humankind a source of food even before humankind became.

Then God created humankind, for which the Hebrew word is Adam. He created humankind in His image, according to His likeness. Everything else God gave us dominion over; everything else that He had spoken forth, called, breathed life into he put under the subjection of the creatures that he made as a reflection of Himself. Let's say that again: God created humans in the image of Himself and then told them to rule over the rest of creation. The only part of creation, that was explicitly told that they were in charge were the creatures that God made in His own image, the reflection of His Sovereignty on the Earth that He created.

But we were created only as an image. And although we rule the Earth, being created in the image and according to the likeness of God, our very existence is in itself a credit to the power and the sovereignty of God, that just a reflection of Him has dominion over the entire Earth. That is the power of the creation, and the importance of the story: God. And it was. And indeed, it was very good.

Be blessed and shine with dominion.

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