Saturday, January 09, 2016

OneWord365, the 2016 Edition

Late in 2013 I heard about OneWord365, and immediately I was intrigued by the concept of choosing a word to focus on for an entire year. I mean, just one word, instead of making a list of resolutions that would almost certainly be broken.

So at the end of 2013, I picked my word for 2014, intentional. It was a good word for the season of life that I was in, and for most of the year I keep with my goal of being intentional about the things in my life: grad school and my career, my walk with God, and my relationships with others. But then the time came to start considering a word for 2015, and I was stuck. I couldn't figure out a word that I wanted to focus on for the year. So I halfheartedly chose a word (forward), and then forgot about it for the rest of the year. 

However, at the end of 2015, I knew that I really wanted to pick one word for 2016. I went through lots of words in my head (most of which I've already forgotten), but none of them felt quite right. I was certain that like last year, I'd choose a word just to say that I had one, and it would have no impact on my life whatsoever. So I welcomed 2016 with no word in mind.

Then, on the evening of January 1, my word found me! I was flying back to Indy from the East Coast, just as the sun was setting. Watching the array of colors across the clear sky from the plane I thought to myself, "Wow, this is amazing, I should get out my phone and take a picture!" And myself replied to me, "No, no. Let's not look away to take a picture. Let's just enjoy the moment, and savor it."

At that moment, I knew that that was my word: savor

So this year, you'll find me trying as much as possible to enjoy life's little moments, while they are happening. I'll spend lots of time reflecting, having slow lunches and leisurely walks, hoping to savor every bit of this beautiful life.

If you could choose one word to focus on for all of this year, what would it be? Let me know!

Be blessed and shine anew!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Indy: A Next 'Nother New Place Again

The view from my living room window! This picture doesn't even do justice to the beauty of the fall season.
About five months ago I packed all my stuff and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana for a new job. I'm not sure why I thought it would be easy to move 700 miles from my sisters and all my friends to a state where I only knew one other person, but I was certainly wrong about that.

Everything about moving, and being in this new city has been...not easy. It's not Indy's fault, it's a nice city. It just seems like all the things that fell into place and led to me coming here haven't stayed in place since then.

But even in this there are lessons to be learned, and old lessons to be reminded of. Here are five lessons from the first five months here:

1. Life changes, and yet, it doesn't. There are lots of things that are different about my life here (like not having friends that I can randomly make plans with), but there are lots of things that are the same. Fall is still gorgeous, I still hate getting out of bed in the morning, and perhaps most of all, I worship the same God at my new church.

2. Friends are awesome. First, shoutout to my roommate who puts up with me, particularly in my first few months here when she was the only friend I had. She'd make sure that I'd get out of the house and do things. Second, shoutout to all my old friends who've been messaging and following up with me to make sure I'm still alive and okay in my new home state (y'all better come visit me!) Third, shoutout to the new friends that I'm making here, which is exciting and cool and different.

3. Know yourself. It's always funny how new things and new situations teach you more about who you already are, and influence the person that you are becoming. I've learned a lot so far about the person that I am (for better or worse) and what I need to be content.

4. Just go with it. Sometimes (actually, a lot of the time) things don't work out quite the way you expected. It's been tough to learn to go with the changes, knowing that it will eventually work out. Which leads me to my last lesson...

5. God is in the new place too. One of the things that I sometimes forget (especially when things don't seem to be working out) is that God is with me here in Indy, same as in Jersey, and in Ithaca and in Bim, and everywhere else I've been. And I still need God just as much here as I have everywhere else.

Be blessed and shine through the changes!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Becoming My Mother

My mummy & I, Christmas 2014
I looked in the mirror the other day
And I realized
That slowly I was becoming my mother.
Somehow, her face was being superimposed over mine.
I opened my mouth the other day
And I realized
That my mother's voice was coming from my mouth;
The words and tone were hers, recorded in my voice.
I woke up the other day
And I realized
That becoming my mother wasn't such a bad thing.
My mother is superwoman
She has eyes in the back of her head
And the ability to read my mind.
My mother is a woman of high standards
"If you're going to do it, do it properly" she always says.
She will put me in my place
And push me to reach for the stars.
She's the one who would ask about the other 1%
When I brought home a score of 99 on an exam.
My mother is the embodiment of unconditional love
And my biggest fan.
She is my 4:30am wake-up call so I don't miss a flight
She still buys all my favourite foods when I come home.
My mother is Excel spreadsheets and lasagna
And reading all the instructions in the box.
She is tea in the morning 
(Two cups, and one more in the afternoon, and at night).
My mother is dark skin and curly hair
And singing hymns and reading books
And smiles and laughter (and scary silence when she's mad).
My mother is "If you don't know it, look it up"
She is "Godliness with contentment is great gain."
And "Tomorrow is another day."
And "Don't be sorry, be different."
She is the voice in my head that whispers,
"Keep going"
When I don't think that I'll make it to the end.
My mother is the reason why I can embrace change
Because she always has:
"Never a bad happening" she says.
I looked in the mirror today
And I realized
That if I could be half the woman that my mother is,
I'd be a remarkable woman indeed.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Where my trust is without borders...

As I get ready to start a new chapter of life, I've been learning a lot about trust and about faith. I'm at a time when everything in life is uncertain, or at least, the things that seem to have the greatest impact on my day-to-day life. But although I'm worried on the inside, I have also been (mostly) at peace, knowing that there is a hope and a future out there somewhere, even if I'm anxious to know what that looks like: where will I be living in six months? What will I be doing? What will happen to the friendships and relationships that I've built over these past few years? 

And through all this, I remember these words from Oceans by Hillsong United, which truly capture the prayers of my heart:

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me...

Whenever I hear this song, I always think of standing at the ocean, on the shore with the vastness of the sea before me. I smell the salt and feel the wind and the ocean spray hitting me. And then I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit saying, "Step out, walk."

So I take the first step, and then another, and then a few more. I look back and see the shore fading in the distance as I move away from its safety. But in looking back to see the shore, I've taken my eyes off of Him, the one who leads me, and I stumble, and panic. I cry out, "Lord, save me!" just as Peter did when he took his eyes off Jesus as he walked on water. I turn my eyes back to Him, and I stop flailing and I can walk on water again.

And so I follow Him, across the waters, far away from the shore. I still smell the salt, still feel the wind, and the brush of the ocean spray, but I've left the shore and I am walking into the unknown where my trust has no borders.

That's okay though, because as the shore becomes ever more distant and fades away, so does my fear, being replaced by increasing faith and trust in the One who leads me.

In this, I can be confident: that the One who leads me is always working for my good, and for the good of all those who love him. So who knows? Maybe in six months I'll be living in a new state or country, far away from all that I know and love. As scary as that may seem, that's okay. I'll just keep my eyes above the waves, and on my Saviour.

Be blessed and shine without borders!

Friday, January 23, 2015

27 Verses

It's my birthday! Woot woot!

Last year I did 26 bits, which developed into Biweekly Bits of wisdom that I've been sharing for the past year. For this year, I wanted to do another birthday post, so I decided on 27 verses!

The title is really self-explanatory. For my birthday this year, I've decided to share with you 27 of my favourite Bible verses in pictures! (Feel free to download the ones you like. I made them the right size for facebook/IG.)

These are verses that have challenged me and encouraged me, verses that remind me of who I am and tell me who God is, verses that help me to grow in my walk with Christ.

[Disclaimer: there are a LOT of images in this post, so it may take a while to load!]